margareta berg ertea



This project embodies a unique aesthetic concept: a jewel and a glamorous accessory at the same time.

/ Ertea is the culmination of a long period of research and prototyping to fulfil an aesthetic rationale that offers decorative art deco motifs on a futuristic geometric backdrop.

/ The painstaking craftsmanship by Italian goldsmiths is epitomized by the more than 500 manual steps required for its creation: the initial silversmithing is followed by the insertion of crystals, then by the arrangement of Florentine passementerie cords that delicately wrap the hips, perfectly harmonizing with the dress folds.

/ Ertea is available in a 15 centimetres diameter and, thanks to its original convex shape, it creates an optical effect that flattens the abdomen. It is made of silver-plated brass with crystals applied on a synthetic resin base, which lends the belt unequalled lightness.