margareta berg grotte della civita


The Hotel Le grotte della Civita located in the Sassi of Matera, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is created and developed by Margareta Berg.

"The hottest hotels for 2009"

"Cave crusaders. The unlikely story of italy’s most intriguing new hotel."
The New York Times

"un hôtel inclassable où le luxe arbore un nouveau visage ... Un e scènographie sur mesure belle comme un tableau de Caravage."
Le Figaro Madame

"... under the banner of a coarse minimalism that marries with no compromise the local distinctive atmosphere."
La Repubblica

"This extraordinary new 19-room hotel is like a time machine that allows guests to have the experience of sleeping in an ancient cave without prehistoric discomforts."

"Luxury meets history... Peace, quiet and seclusion are the luxuries on offer here."
Swiss Universe

"an amazing restoration"
The Independent

"It would be difficult to get more authentic than the Grotte della Civita hotel"
National Geografic

"Rather, this is the luxury of the unique experience, the luxury of the one-off, the luxury of a setting and backstory with which no other hotel can compete or compare."
The Telegraph (2014)

"extraordinary new project evokes the story of the buildings and the lives lived in them to spectacular effect"
The Guardian